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great dogs.
Bought our Rose in spring of 2012. I spent around half a day with Brenda, she took me all around, introduced me to all her dogs, showed me her routine etc. The dogs were in huge runs, the runs were dirt, not concrete which was refreshing to me, as concrete may keep thier hair clean, but it is really bad for thier bones. All the dogs were friendly, water pans were large with fresh water, poop cleaned up, and whe I went in her house, the food pans were draining. Many large breeders are targeted as puppy mills because they have so many dogs, but this is ONE breeder who loves her dogs, and they are well taken care of and loved. Our Rosie is now 3, she is 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs 110 pounds. She is very muscled, and I admit a bit over weight...but only by 5 pounds or so. She had a UTI a couple weeks after we got her, but otherwise has been quite healthy. Brenda spent a lot of time with me going over feeding, why she chose the type of food she did, etc. We have had several Dales over the years, and I think Rose will be our last due to our age,
but who knows ! haha Airedales are addicting. I would encourage a visit to any breeder you are dealing with, and if you can, find one close enough for you to get to by car. When you ship, you never know who will be where they can do harm to your pup, feed bad food, and or treat them bad. - Kate , posted 06/14/14
Brenda's Oorangs

Brenda's Oorang Airedale Terriers

I purchased an Airedale Terrier from Brenda Smith (Wilson)

The pup arrived dirty and ill. Blood tests showed the pup was anemic. During the following two years, and several thousand dollars in medical bills, the pup died of cancer. Brenda Smith's answer to my loss was that she would sell me another pup at a discount. She also stated that I was telling her the pup had been ill so that I could get a free pup. Brenda's standard retort to any complaints is "Get a life."

I have been contacted by a person who received a pup with hip dysplasia, and a deformed leg from the same litter. Hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder, that could be present in any pup purchased from Brenda Smith.

Another contact received a pup whose jaw was so deformed that the canine teeth had to be ground away so the pup would not chew his jaw.

I would suggest that you acquire a pup from Airedale Rescue, or inquire of National Airedale Rescue Inc. for a recommendation of a reputable breeder in your area.

You may not be aware that there is no consumer protection laws in Washington State to protect you from unscrupulous and unethical breeders.

If you have had unpleasant experiences with Brenda Smith, please write to me at

Brenda's Oorang Airedale Terriers Kenny and Brenda Smith 277 Riverside Cutoff Road Riverside, WA 98849 - Airedale , posted 04/26/11
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